Charity Challenge

Many times, a company may want to monetarily support a non-profit organization or a few, but due to a myriad of reasons, can not financially afford to do so. Therefore, they must limit who they help, and some non-profit organizations will miss out.

Rather than accept that, Becky’s Way went out and found a solution, and will find the money for you to donate, through our Charity Challenge.

The Charity Challenge works like this……

For any company of 100 employees+, and without cutting corners or quality, hiring or firing anybody, changing suppliers or processes, or spending capex or upfront costs, we GUARANTEE to increase the companies cashflow by a minimum of $100,000 annually (many times much more). These savings are for the company and are for perpetuity.

If we do not come through on our GUARANTEE, we will donate $1,000 to the charity of your choice.

This is the ultimate WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

The company is now worth more, the business owner is now saving money and Becky’s Way generated a donation to help a tremendous cause.

If your company wants to take the “Charity Challenge,” please contact Eric Neilsen at (714) 686 – 6879 or email