Founder’s Message

In October of 2013, my mother, Becky Armstrong went in to check on what she thought was a kidney stone. To her surprise, she learned it was not a kidney stone, rather, stage four Uterine cancer. After a short, 6-month battle with cancer my mother, Becky Armstrong passed away in March 2014.

After her passing, I vowed to honor her memory by giving back to others affected by this horrible disease in whatever way I could. Over the past few years, I have hosted multiple charity golf and poker events on behalf of cancer-related charities, trying to do my part. Partnering with these foundations has been a tremendous experience and I am thankful for everyone who has supported them.

As of January 2021, I am excited to announce, I have created a 501(c)(3), EIN 86-1887249, charity foundation called Becky’s Way. The pandemic helped me remember that every day is precious and to live each day the way my mom would have. Every day she lived, she tried to make
everyone else’s life better in whatever way that was to them, and that is what Becky’s Way is about. Living each day to make someone else’s life better!

Becky’s Way’s two main purposes are to raise funds to (a) support the prevention, early detection, and treatment of cancer and (b) support education and clinical research of cancer and cancer-related ailments, and to carry on other charitable activities with these goals allowed by law.

Eric Neilsen