From Eric, Founder and CEO:

Becky Armstrong raised two children (Me and my brother Andy) as a single Mom for a long-time after my parents got divorced and my dad passed away when I was 13. She was a nurse who worked ridiculous hours to provide for my brother and I. She was the type of woman to do anything for anyone. She did a Thanksgiving dinner at the local courthouse for the homeless in the town, was a Hometown Hero on WDBJ 7 TV station in Roanoke, VA. She was very religious and lived every day to improve the life of others. 

Becky’s Way was created to carry on her legacy and help others in need.  

As of January 2021, I am excited to announce, I have created a 501(c)(3), EIN 86-1887249, charity foundation called Becky’s Way. The pandemic helped me remember that every day is precious and to live each day the way my mom would have. Every day she lived, she tried to make everyone else’s life better in whatever way that was to them, and that is what Becky’s Way is about. Living each day to make someone else’s life better!  

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